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Iowa Harvest Reports V



My favorite day of the year is 11/13 and this morning proved why. A nice 10 pointer I couldn't just let walk by...

TLH, Founder - iowawhitetail.com

Congrats Tony, I hope you find time to continue hunting with your camera. So far this season no large bucks have fallen to my shutter but I continue my quest. Keep up the good work.
Chris Adams arrowed this beautiful buck on November 10th.


Guy Johnson arrowed this Iowa buck on 11/3/00.

Nice shooting Guy!

After 30 years of being away from Iowa, Dennis and Betty Ann came home to do some archery deer hunting.

What a Welcome Home surprise they got!


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We enjoyed the return trip home even though I didn't get the buck I was looking for but there is always next time !
Good luck to all and we hope to get drawn again in the near future so we can again return home.
Dennis & Betty Ann

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A perfect 30 yard heart shot on a deer I now wish I'd let walk! Nonetheless, a fantastic morning on stand and a fun bow season!

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