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Iowa Harvest Reports VI



Chad Christensen harvested this buck the other day at 20 yards, way to go Chad!

Look for Chads pic as well as many others to be added to the Photo Gallery this week.

Keep sending them in!

Kevin Barthen, Franklin, PA with his first Iowa buck.


Mark Templeton with a Southern Iowa 11 pointer that was shot last week.

What a nice buck, Congrats Mark!

The Thunderidge Bucks!

Jeff Kelderman wrote:

Just thought i would send this in. We shot these bucks the same morning
not 80 yards apart from each other i was on the south side of the
english river the buck on the right a nine pointer, my buddy Todd Boyse
was on the north side of the river the buck on the left these were shot
off his place.

Mark's buck looks smaller in real life. I think it's shrinking! I know what I'm talking about here! In rare instances ground shrinkage can continue long after the buck is recovered! The rack slowly withers away until it's almost gone! Than again maybe it was just a big kitchen table it was sitting on! Way to go Mark. Keep after'em! I'll catch ya!

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