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Iowa harvest reports

A friend checked his camtrakker over the weekend and had a picture of a buck which had four good points on one side the other antler was broken off.

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Did some hunting in Van Buren County over the weekend. Deer were moving Saturday a.m. My hunting partner had a great 150 class 10 point and a slightly smaller 8 point bed down 40 yards behind his stand. He didn't see them until he had lowered his bow to the ground and started his descent in his climbing stand. He quickly pulled his bow back up and tried to get them to move. They didn't get up until I jumped them on my way down to get him. I saw both bucks and they were dandies. Saw a few scrapes and lots of rubs. More buck sightings than does. Can't wait for the rutting moon, November 11th!!!
Here's a story all to common. A friend of mine's relative was out on Sunday the 15th during the evening. As he had just gotten out of his stand, a small buck appeared. He nocked an arrow, drew, and shot. He missed and the buck ran off. The story takes a turn leaning toward the unbelievable. About 30 seconds later(as the third hand story goes), another, and larger buck emerges. He nocks another arrow, shoots, and misses, with the buck making a hasty exit. That's not all. A few minutes after the second buck(it's totally dark now), what he thought was another buck walked out. He took his third shot, this time actually hitting the deer but God only knows where. He went out the next day to find it and only found blood for 50 yards and that was it. Another bad bowhunter taking a bad shot and leaving the deer a slow death. I tell this story to make a point....IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW CAN'T HIT THE BROADSIDE OF A BARN WITH A BOW OR DOESN'T KNOW THIER LIMITATIONS, GET OUT OF THE WOODS. Chances are you'll never find the deer but the deer will have a slow and wasteful death. Bowhunting is my favorite thing to do on earth and I'm not trying to be a downer, just want to emphasize that bowhunting is a sport that takes practice, common sense, and an ability to decide if you can or can't make a clean shot.
Anyone who releases an arrow at a target after dark that can't be seen is asking for trouble. Not only are you going to make a bad shot on the animal but a fevered deer running down the road or through someone's property with a badly placed arrow sticking out of it is a sure way to call in the anti's. Everyone makes bad shots, but shooting at a target that is visible in the only way to give yourself a good chance at not making a bad shot. Some guys just don't get it.
Is anyone having any luck? It's just starting to get good, let a couple 100 class bucks walk so far...

Well I hope they start moving I leave friday morning about 4:00 AM to head your way

I felt I would of heard of more success stories by now.

Some bucks have gone down already, just no posts. As far as animals moving, I see deer everyday. Your timing will be good though and you won't be hunting in 85 degree weather so best of luck!

Lots of bowhunters reported seeing action both saturday and sunday night.

A good friend of mine and I went out Saturday night (10/21) to try and fill an urban doe tags. We hadn't hunted together yet this year and decided it was about time. Earlier in the week we'd set up two stands in an areas where some scrapes had shown up the day before.

He had three or four small bucks moving around him most of the night. I ended up shooting an 8 pointer that came by me about 6:00pm. I was concerned that I'd hit it too far back so we waited about two hours and then followed the trail about 200 yards. Found where it had bedded down and gotten back up and decided we should leave it till this morning. Found it about 75 yards from where we'd left it the night before.

My buddy who was hunting with me shot an 8 pointer tonight. I also help another bowhunter who'd shot his first deer, another 8 pointer, drag it out tonight.

Both my friend and I where using tree suits when we took our deer.


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I never heard of these treesuits. I went to the link and read up. They are very interesting. How did you hear of them and what are their limitations?
I recieved something in the mail sometime ago about this product, I believe they have gone down in price some, if I remember they were selling at $179 when they first came out. Anyway seen them at the Illinois show was not really sold on them. Would like to know your feelings about this product, likes and dislikes, only info I have was from the people selling them and of cource that was all good. Thanks, happy hunting to all.
My friend and I had originally bought the treesuit for a Wyoming elk hunting trip. We figured that if we stumbled onto a water hole or a wallow way back in the timber it would work better then lugging a tree stand. It snowed most of our trip so we didn't use them.

The night I took my deer was the first night I used it for deer hunting. My friend has now taken two deer with his this year and is sold on them. I think it is a good product but will admit it took a little practicing to get a feel for. We set up a practice tree in the back yard this summer and spent several evenings learning how to use it and trying to shoot from it. It's a very comfortable stand and I think the way in that you're positioned against the tree helps to conceal you.

The buck I shot was coming down a trail I was set up to shoot towards. He cut into the timber right before entering my shooting lane and crossed over into an opening about 15 yards almost directly behind me. I was able to shift my left foot one step, turn, and make the shot without spooking the deer. I think I even surprised myself when I realized I was at full draw and the deer still didn't know I was there.

The other advantage I see to it is if you have several stand locations you can set up a tree with 12 steps in it and then carry the treesuit in. The steps by themselves aren't as noticeable as a stand in the timber. For every spot your setup for its costing you 9 steps not another stand. I always pull my bottom three or four steps out to keep people out of my tree, plus it saves about 30 steps if I have 10 stand sites set up.

Interesting concept, wearing your tree stand...I was kinda wondering about shots behind you but after you explained it makes sense.

Congrats on your buck!

Wow, interesting morning.....

When you get to work and already have four voice mails and three of your friends are out hunting something must be up.

I got in this morning and already had calls from two friends who'd shot deer. The first call was for help tracking and then the next was to say he'd already found it. Then a second friend had called and needed help. He felt he made a good shot but had not find blood yet. I wasn't a work for more than five minutes, good thing I had a pair of boots in the car.

Met him out in the woods and after a little searching found a little blood. We looked for several hours it was only a small patch of timber. It appeared the deer was skirting the edge of the woods. We were just saying how it looked like the deer did not want to leave the timber when we spotted a tail in the brush ahead of us. Turns out it was a good shot the nine point buck had only run about 150 yards in a big circle. A piece of fat had plugged the exit hole, which is why we didn't find a good blood trail.

Here's the photo of the nine pointer

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Now thats what I like to hear more action on deer activity! I leave friday morning and it looks like the weather will be cool till at least tuesday.
What should I hold out for 120 130 140 or mature doe?
Hey good luck!! My goal was to hold out for something 130 or better. I guess I miss judged a bit. I think the excitement got that best of me. I'm not disappointed but I think it's sort of funny I spend a lot of time shed hunting and scouting only to end the season in near record time. I've spent a lot of Thanksgiving mornings on the stand.

I may have to go to Missouri or Wisconsin to get this bug out of my system. I know I have several friends that are getting their camera gear ready so I can video them. That may help keep me busy for a bit. Still have a couple turkey tags to use too.
Ok, one more pic...

This is my friend Jason who took the 8 pointer I mentioned in a previous post.


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Thanks for sharing the pics, they sure make it fun!


Send your pics in when you get them and we'll put them in the Conference or the Photo Gallery. Use the Upload Pics page to send or you can e-mail them to [email protected].


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The picture of that 9 pointer is awesome. I work for a newspaper and know the difference between a good pic and a bad one. The pines in the background make it a great shot. That should be sent in to Outdoor Life Magazine for their "Deer of the Year" contest. They don't have to be the biggest deer or even bucks. The editors are looking for solid photography. Nice job.
I'll leave tomorrow to see family and friends and hopefully whack a nice Iowa whitetail.Would like to meet some of the people from the web site.
Got a nice eight point last Wed. I was ready to climb down when he popped out only 20 yards away. I had to pull my bow back up, get my release out of my pocket, nock an arrow, and turn around. By the time I had accomplished all of this, he was less than ten yards away. I drew as he walked behind a tree and a double lung shot dropped him within eyesight. He's about 18 inches wide with G-2's 10 inches and G-3's 8 inches. Will try and send a pic soon.
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