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Is Your Area Wet or Dry This Summer?


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Considering we still had snow on the ground into 1st week of May, it sure dried out FAST!.
got 300lbs of fertilizer dug in about 10 days ago and finally got rain last night.
A beautiful 1".
8 day forecast looks very hot and dry. (Nw Mn). Mid 80s_mid 90s.
Gonna plant my pumpkins about the 5th_10th.
Dry in Minnesota! We did get a couple 1/4 rains this week… Western Iowa is dry, but they had a 4 inch downpour few weeks ago !
My place in Ringgold could use more. Got some today which helps. Pond is 3 - 4 feet low, so I need big rain all at once and then some steady stuff.
Lawns and pastures starting to burn up here in eastern Iowa. Hoping for rain soon with these temps. Corn and soybeans look good and would probably jump with some precip.
We had our driest May ever in central Pa, a whopping total of .19" for the month. We have a deficit over 7" for the year. Spring started out great, lots of fruit and acorns this year and no late frost. As far as all other unwanted vegetation everything has gone wild.

As far as crops it doesn't look good at all, feel bad for those who are depending on crop income, very bad. No notable rain in the foreseeable future either. At least the antlers are growing!
So strange. Never seen this before.
About 2 p.m., it started to thunder and did almost nonstop untill about 7 15.
Not a single drop of rain.
About 7 15, the sun came out and I it rained 3/8" till 7 45.
So strange?
This site used to allow me to zoom in much further, to the point that I could see gravel roads and click on multiple spots on the property. Kind of bummed with the lesser resolution it offers now, but hey, what do you expect for free?

Radar estimated rainfall
You referring to iweathernet?

If so, totally agree. That website is now worthless. It was surprisingly accurate, back when it worked and you could actually zoom in.
Very dry for us in Michigan.
Started planting this spring and had NO rain to stop us.
2 rains totaling 3 tenths.
We do have a very good stand but going to reach a point that rain will be needed soon.
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