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Issues Posting Pictures


Hi Gang, I'm hearing from many that they cannot post pictures in threads/replies. Setting up this thread here so you can provide more information that may be helpful for me to troubleshoot. I'm able to post pictures just fine, so I'm trying to figure out the pattern with those who cannot. Is anyone ABLE to post photos too? Don't worry, we'll get this fixed asap. Thanks.
Okay Skip's is working now, so if anyone else is still having issues posting pics, please reply here or PM me, thanks.

Fine here
I use an android phone. I text myself the pictures and save the pictures from text which resizes the pictures automatically. Kind of a pain in the butt, but it works.
Best to just avoid trying to upload .heic files from iPhones...these are "live mode" photos...they take a pic PLUS 1.5 seconds of video before and after that pic...pain in the butt to get software to deal with this format, so just don't try these...save them as another format and/or take your phone out of live photo mode. Thanks.
I don't have an i phone
So I figured out HEIC file thing on my phone. It's an option now. Default is now Heic. I tested it by turning it off and it takes in jpeg. Upon some research, it appears heic will be more the norm as it saves alotnof space. So somthing to figure out for the future.

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