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IWF - We're Back


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Not that we actually ever went away but 2011 was an oddly quiet legislative session. That's a good thing. We aren't planning on having such good luck two years consecutive however, so we are currently ramping up efforts.

We will be maintaining an active presence on Twitter this year. It's such an easy way to get out information fast so join us if you can. :way:

For those not interested in social networking, we will do our best to update our blog. Expect some tweaks to the website in the near future as well. We will also continue to send "Call To Action" requests via email to registered IWF members when there is legislation that we believe deserves targeted attention. Although please don't wait for those events, stay active. I know there are many reading this post that consistently do exactly that so thanks in advance. If you have not yet joined, please check us out here:

For those who are already members, you may have already noticed some tweets regarding 2012 legislation. We are watching. Expect to hear from us.
I just signed up to follow via Twitter. If you care about being informed and influencing the hunters in your sphere resister and follow IWF. Become part of a loud voice, Iowa Whitetails Forever. Don't sit back and expect the next guy to do the work that needs done. When there is a need for a Call To Action, CTA, the more people receiving and acting the more effective we are. Let’s make sure that our numbers continue to grow.
Thanks guys
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