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Late Rut success


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Arrowed this buck on 11-26-16 at 0745. I grunted the buck in from about 85 yards away. Unfortunately his approach was straight at me and I had to take an aggressive shot at under 10 yards. The arrow hit where I was aiming but I also was sure I was not going to have an exit wound so blood trailing was going to be difficult. After discussing with others, a friend and myself took up the exit trail about 8 hrs later. Within about 45 minutes, we had found him and it appeared that he had died hours before.

This buck had been seen earlier in the season by both the landowner and myself. We both were in the stand the morning I shot him with the landowner being about 250 yards away in a blind overlooking a field/plots and myself in a timber funnel inside the field edge.

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Congrats BJ!! You have it going on to kill big bucks year after year...... very well deserved!!!
Unreal Buddy!!! Congrats again putting him down! All that hard work and time in the stand continues to pay off for you.

You are a giant killer!!!!
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