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Late season doe *video added


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Man - it's been awhile since I've released an arrow. Time for a little update. Been too long....
[*]Dbltree mix is doing fantastic...deer digging everywhere for it! It's been a great place for smaller bucks and many does during this late season.


[*]A few bigger bucks have found the plot and are hanging around, despite our late season hopes of beans being eaten to the dirt without much of a chance to take off. :roll: Next year we'll have to put a fence up...


[*]The big boy we were after was shot late October by the neighbor. I shared my plethora of trail cams with him....it was a great buck! Over 23" spread on the inside!

[*]There are a few good ones we're after and they're still hanging around, including 2 bucks I've had very close encounters with...I've had 2 of these bucks inside 30 yards but couldn't get a shot both times on video....





Had this injured buck by me at one point and I was trying to shoot him but couldn't...been this way since mid November and still going strong - in that "no man's land??"

[*]Was able to get back out this break and seen a lot of deer on the small Dbltree plot. Took the young man living with us out on his first hunt last night and we had about 13 deer that came in - it was awesome!! Had 2 button bucks at 5 yards in the blind and I was then able to get a shot off at a mature doe at 32 yards...took out pure liver and she didn't last too long. Not a lung hit like I hoped, but it did it's job. Perfect for a family that needed the meat and was very appreciative....I apologized for my poor performance the last 2 years...




[*]We'll be out one last time next Saturday morning. It has been crazy how the deer have been using this area we're going into....we've stayed out this long and look forward to one last time. The bucks have been in this area and we're hoping they pile in there Saturday morning. It's worth a shot. We could get skunked. :)
Nice. Thanks for sharing. Love that GoPro holder at 1:09 - you should get a patent on that before someone steals it.
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