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Lauren's first bow buck


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My wife was blessed to be able to harvest her first buck with a bow Wednesday. She has been after one for 3 years now. Our rut was pretty slow but the deer are starting to hammer the turnips lately, and this one had been a regular on the plot the last week or so. He stayed out of her range a few nights before when we were sitting in the red neck so I put up a new double set . We were hoping for a southeast wind on her day off Wednesday. Everything kind of fell in place because we did actually have that wind which is not that often. The first few does didn't like the new blobs in the tree but after the plot started to fill up they stopped paying attention. We were already standing when he came down the trail and jumped a log heading right by us. I got him ranged and he started trotting towards the other end of the field. Lauren was drawn by now so when it hit her next lane I somehow stopped him without clearing the field I gave her a quick range of 36 yards and she let it go. It was a a little back and he made it up into the timber about 200 yards. That's where we ended up finding him after wandering around and getting lost a time or two in the dark.
She is super proud of him and looking forward to seeing him on the wall. He went 152 2/8.


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Cool buck - couple splits and a little acorn on one tine. Wow, looks like he did a ton of breeding with that brisket being worn down like that. Congrats to both. That is a fantastic buck - first or not.
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