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Lawmakers want to rape our state HF2672

Marty Edwards

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Here is the letter I wrote to my Senator. Please write your senator too! I’m so tired of pin-headed politicians and their constant, insatiable desire for more more more tax dollars so they can continue to squander and mis-use it! Generally speaking, if you’re a politician, you’re a nitwit.

Feel free to use my letter as a template if you like.

Dear Senator Shipley,

I’m a property owner in Ringgold county. A significant portion of my 250 acres is enrolled in the program. The mature, highly marketable white oaks, red oaks and walnut trees truly are a stunning sight to see. The abundance of wildlife species that live on my farm is incredible. The trees on my property is their home. Since I’ve owned the farm I’ve benefitted from the tax relief having my farm enrolled offers. If my already high tax burden increases it would force me, and other Iowans like me, to consider deforestation as a way to offset the tax expense. I cringe at the thought of that. The habitat loss will massively impact the critters, large and small, that call this property home. This is not a trick question…do you know how long it takes for an oak tree to make it to 150 years old!? I am blessed with many of them. What a short-sighted view for legislators to even remotely consider passing this measure. The detrimental effect to the ecosystems on my farm and many like it will last for decades, even centuries. Please do not allow this bill to pass.


Marty Edwards, constituent and active voter.
The republicans in this state are bought and paid for. They do not care about conservation or outdoorsmen
Doesn’t matter if they have an R or a D beside their name…if they’ve been in politics longer than 2 terms, I have zero use for them look around…it ain’t exactly like you can swing a dead cat and hit a dumbocrat worth a nickel.
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If this passed my county would drop forest reserve before the ink dried. My 23 acres is all taxed as residential since I took all agriculture off it, and the only thing I plant is for wildlife. The only thing keeping my taxes under $10k a year is 8 acres of forest reserve.
We all need to write in big league!!!!!! I posted these comments on our county supervisor’s page who wants more tax $ only. No clue about unintended consequences - or how this will COST a county more over time as they destroy more of it (recreational value for its locals, water, timber values, hunting economy, erosion/flooding, etc)
Theres a voter voice link to this on IBA’s website. That will allow u to share that link with folks so they can write in to senators. We need to defeat this!!!!!Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 8.55.16 PM.jpeg
Are the IBA and ISC fighting this? Nothing has been posted/sent out from either organization about it.

***there's a chance my membership expired in January as that is the last email I got from them. If so, I'll be renewing it as soon as I hear back if it did indeed expire.
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However, you have to vote Republican or we are totally screwed as a nation ! Plus the Democrats want to take away guns, private land and they are pushing anti agriculture agendas !
I will be perfectly honest, I am more worried about the direction of this state legislature. It is time to hand a slim majority off to the Dem's again. I am a conservative and have conservative values but this is not the republican legislature we voted for. This is an unapologetic arm of the the soybean, corn & cattlemen's assn's in cooperation with the FB. The only thing I have experienced under the republican led legislature is an f-off attitude and much higher property taxes. It's time to bring Iowa back in line with reality. They have been obsessed with abortion and what ever the previously mentioned lobbyists have told them to do. I am embarrassed to call myself an Iowa republican right now. Our best option is a legislature controlled by D and an R governor. The problem we have created is all major offices are all R held with the exception of one, This is what these people consider a voter mandate for their agenda. Think hard before the next election cycle...
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