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leafy camo



Has anyone tried leafy camo netting for a blind or hunting cloths?
I have used both and both seem to work very well. The natural movement of the fabric in the wind helps hide you in the constantly changing shadows and shapes.
I think it is the only way to hunt,especially if you like to hunt on the ground.I hunt with the scent shield leafy lite and love it.I have had deer within 5 feet of me.
Thanks for info. How pricey is a outfit like
that Bullwinkle?
I've seen some camo net on ebay 4x8 $20 are they any good?
Thanks for help
I've used military surplus camo netting for blinds and it works very well. Its the stuff when you are dealing with alot of "pokey bushes" it won't rip apart. I know the gillie suits the snipers use are very effective also. Breaking up your outline is the key.
You can buy a nice top and bottom for about $100 without a liner.Anything with a scent control liner will be a little over$200
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