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Trying to find a recipe for a home made mineral lick. Every search I bring up has a link but it doesn't work. Anyone have one they could share.
Hey partner. The typical internet recipe that I've come to know is 2 parts trace mineral salt, 1 part stock salt and 1 part dicalcium phosphate (dical). I've heard varying reports on the price of dical lately based on location mostly but it got waaaay overpriced over the last year or more. I stopped adding it unless I find a cheap bag and I also don't add the stock salt anymore because it's not doing much good without the minerals IMO.

So...I'm using plain old trace mineral salt and they hammer it just as well as the mix. Is a single ingredient still considered a recipe? :D


Ingredients: Makes 200 lbs.

1 part Di-calcium phosphate, this is a dairy feed additive bought at feed stores.
Comes in 50lb bags, you need one bag.

2 parts Trace mineral salt, the red and loose kind without the medications.
Comes in 50lb bags, you need two bags.

1 part Stock salt, ice cream salt.
Comes in 50lb bags, you need one bag.


-Use a 3 pound or similar size coffee can to use as your measure for each part of the mix.

-Mix all together well but not until read to use, keep ingredients separate until ready to put to use.

-Dig or tear up a circle in the soil about 36 inches wide and about 6 inches deep.

-Mix your mineral mixture with the soil.

Thanks guys, that will do.

Sounds like a good "recipe" to me Jeff. :) Hopefully in the morning I'm on here doing my part and contributing to our team for the Turkey contest! The ol Tom's are playing hard to get for me this year.
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