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Little Helper


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I was sighting in my new bow sight last night and the little man wanted to shoot the target with his bow too. I was suprised if he hit it just right where the target is worn it was going into the target. He is almost four and is doing really good with his bow. Our biggest obsticle was that he is left handed so he had to learn to shoot right handed because I couldn't find a left handed kid's bow.


Looks like the little Hoyt bow. Hehe.. Startin' him out right. I had one of those targets, thats about what ours looks like too!
Love seeing those young'ens shooting bow!

My advice would be to find out for sure if he is left eye dominant. If he is you really need to find him a left-handed bow. It will make it very hard for him to shoot the correct bow if he spends too many years shooting the wrong way. There are tons of different bows available in left hand and you should be able to find one to fit.
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