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Management Plans

Good Suff NW Buck, good for you on your management plan. Can't compare notes but I do have an area that is very overlooked and I never hunt every year. It seems the more I stay out the better it gets. I would say the average buck running through there has some age. I've hunted it for over 15 years and haven't been in there for 2 seasons. I talked to the farmer the other day and he has seen more than one nice buck in there this summer.

I hope you get some good comments!

MWBuck you sound like our area we have been doing the same thing in our area 2x4 miles
of crops trees crp creek river,with no roads
thru kinda rare in Iowa,but still have about 10 landowners.
We have hunted this area for 30 years and about 15 years ago our group of 6 hunters started shooting bucks that were at least a 21/2 year old.With some help from other groups in about 3 years we started to see more bucks.The last 5 years now we have been
mature buck hunting and get 2-3 120 and up plus what other groups take out so i think
this program is working for us.
We have 160 a. farm that we have been planting switchgrass and food plot on for the last 3 years and resticting hunting for
the most part.This farm sets surrounded by
good deer timber. We are tring to make it appealling bowhunting and catching them coming into foodplots in late muzzleloader season.It appears to be working we have been
spotting 2 or 3 nice bucks this summer plus
a lot of does and fawns live there and pass thru.
I think you are on the right track it just may not happen as fast as you would like.

Good Hunting
Think your on the right track as it will take a comitment from the surrounding landowners also with just 160 acres. I have been involved in management of our herd for a few years now and as you can see by viewing the SD Buck, it's paying off. Clover and mineral have made substantial differences in our herd even though we have nearly every available food source in our area, just as Iowa deer. The difference is, putting the clover and mineral in areas totally surrounded by cover allows bigger bucks to obtain a higher nutritional balance and we have found this will keep the mature bucks around. They feel secure and thus feed longer and more frequently. The picture that I sent in was the second to smallest buck I witnessed all in one area. Our place is larger though with(20,000)acres for just a few hunters, controlling age is much easier for us as we have many 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 year old bucks. Getting your neighbors to cooperate will definitely be the key to your success. Good Luck!
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