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MI Loses 250,000+ deer hunters in 25 years. IOWA can’t do same?


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Interesting data. 1995 was the first year I hunted deer & it was in MI. If we update this to todays figures, it’s about 300,000 deer hunters that quit.
The article’s main point of why “LACK OF ACCESS!!”
Can a similar trend happen in iowa? Sure is possible!!!

Here’s the one point I want to make EXTREMELY CLEAR!!!!! The point our politicians & special interest deer pimps hide because all they care about is $ vs the outcome!!!!…..
MICHIGAN has adopted all the crap the special interests can dream up!!! Crossbows to “create more opportunities!!” Straight wall cartridges. 2 bucks for anyone, including NR’s. Cheap tags for NR’s. Added countless lengthy seasons (youth, longer gun, longer ML season, etc). Put crossguns in archery season. On & on. Special interest dreamt it up- it got implemented. & they have 10x the cover that iowa does & dwarfs our deer population. They are losing hunters by droves DUE to a lot of what politicians have done. They ruined that state and that’s the result!!! Facts matter. This could happen here & this is a case example where the informed hunters can explain why MI hunters have hung it up in droves!!!! Likely to continue. One more of the million reasons I don’t want iowa to become like the surrounding states!!!!

IMO there are five issues that will ruin Iowa. Each time that one gets passed by the jokers in the state house the train wreck magnifies for our state.

These are in no particular order
1. More NR tags that has many variables
2. High powered rifles in the gun seasons.
3. The use of the crossgun during the regular archery season.
4. Moving gun season to November during the rut.
5. This has already been passed the introduction of straight wall cartridges.
Not to turn this into a social science experiment but demographics and politics play a huge role. Divorce and the single mother is promoted by politicians for assistance and a vote. Fatherless house holds do a ton of harm in the lack of discipline for young boys and non exposure to masculine hobbies, sports, hunting etc. As we know mom gets physical custody of the kids 99% of the time. Dads play a crucial role that’s been buried by women, politicians, social scientists, and family attorneys.

Of course hunting is attacked and demonized by woke lefties at an unprecedented level. Many sheeple play along for fear of being ostracized. Shameful.
When it comes to seasons adding more and longer actual seasons… is counter productive.

More deer are then shot, and it’s a viscous cycle of mediocrity! If you want quality you need to cut back on the seasons.
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