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mock rub/scrape trees

Not exactly what I was expecting on my mock rub/scrape tree this week.

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Awesome! If you don't mind where are you located. That would be quite a surprise!
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Not surprised with the elk. Seems to keep happening. Especially west side of state.

Shit i had one on my farm in SC iowa a few years back.

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I wonder what kind of past injury he had to that right antler, to get that crazy growth

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Newer to this. Tried a few things.... I’m far from getting these perfect & im still learning.
for licking branches that are strong.... I used hedge (Osage orange) branches. Used some deck screws or few different ways to fasten em down. strongest branches out there. Some I mixed lots of grape vines in (zip tied up higher) or hung the grape vines lower. I did use mostly white pine since got those from storm. & used 6” pvc about 3’ deep with cement so I can swap em out as needed over the years (screws to secure post). Here’s few examples. Sorry on the lower quality images but pry get idea.




Last one needs some vines hanging down more I think. On some- fastened branches to side or drilled inside tree. Some- fastened on top pretty tight. See which one works.

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