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Mock scrape success.


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I've been looking at the old thread from a couple years ago as well as the videos Skip has posted. Wondering if pine isn't an option is there a close second, third? I have a hedge tree I can get the base branches on. Is there any method to the vines or are they scattered? Do you use any scents before or during season or let the deer do the work? What's best height for the licking branch?

What additional mock scrape strategies work? I run mainly vertical and get success but I'd like to get some permanent stations set up.
Personally, I don't think it's rocket science. Sometimes I'll hang a rope (hemp, amazon, fray the end a bit) but usually I just zip tie a branch or vine I find close by. Hip high. Work the soil. Wet the soil with water, your own personal blend, or scent you bought.
I guess I'm old school. I don't like to manipulate natural deer movement. Let the deer find their own favorite branches to scrape under and then make stand adjustments if you want to hunt it. I'm not attacking anyone for making scrapes, but I constantly hear of or see hunters trying to manipulate deer movement to make it easier to kill them. I personally think most bucks are easy enough to kill and you do not need to make it easier. In fact, the harder it is to kill a particular buck, the more I like it. I wish more hunters felt like I do, but I know they don't.
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