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More prints for sale for a great cause


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All money for these goes to the luekemia/lymphoma society of Iowa. All money stays in Iowa. My soon to be wife's father is battling stage 4 lymphoma so we are raising money for ongoing research and care of Iowa cancer patients. This is tax deductable and to sweeten the deal, the person that buys these gets 10% off any mount from me. These were donated from a Dr's office and have never seen sunlight and are in perfect shape. Instead of listing a price we are taking offers until April 13th and the highest offer gets the print.

Thanks for looking and hopefully helping a cause that affects people we know with cancer. I am in Coralville and we will arrange delivery or pickup of these prints.

#1 Larry Anderson artist proof 64/65. 29x37 total size This is a classic Iowa deer drive scene

#2 Larry Anderson 325/500 total size 26x34

#3 T Raedeke "Overnight Guests" 11/40 total size 18x22

#4 Harry Antis 670/900 total size 23x33

#5 Phil Scholer 1990 Pheasants Forever print, awesome barnwood frame 454/1250 total size 25x33

#6 Robert Hinton artist proof "Ringneck Rivals" 33/96 total size 26x30
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I've had some questions about these so let's make the minimum offer 50 bucks since the framing costs more than that. Any offer over that and the print is yours if nobody offers more.
Thanks for the support so far everyone:way: The last day for offers will now be April 13th so please bid before then if you want a print.
Just so we're straight on the process.....is your plan to go with the highest bids for each print by a certain time on Sat 4/13? If so, what time?
Anonymous bid for #5 to $100. Pics do no justice for this 1990 pheasants forever print. The barnwood framing is worth that alone.

I really appreciate the response everyone, your contributions will make an impact on someone's life. The luekemia/ lymphoma society has helped the recovery rate triple in that last 30 years.
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