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My Once in a Lifetime Buck Named Patches

Yes to you good luck! A few things I forgot is he's not a big deer in stature. Smaller head and frame. If he was two years old when I saw him in 2012 that makes him 5 1/2 years old. His teeth will be aged just to know how old he is. From the many hundreds of deer I have capes many deer never get big in stature. Its all in genetics which is very interesting. Thanks guys and good luck is going to get good real soon.

Interesting...FWIW, we have had our farm for right around 14 years now and between thousands of trail cam pics, hundreds of actual sightings and many animals harvested I have come to believe that we have 3 or 4 predominant "body styles" that we see very consistently over time.

For instance, we have even started to refer to bucks that we see nowadays as from the "Edwin" family, etc. (Edwin was a very recognizable buck that was on our farm for several years until he disappeared without a trace a few years back.)

But body styles/sizes and antler characteristics definitely appear to us to be "traceable" to predecessors...including one line that runs small on our farm too. I agree with you, not all bucks are destined to be 230+ pound, 180"+...but some are. :D
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