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Land of the Whitetail
Another testament to how tough deer can be. Broke his leg or hip or something. Must be an old injury based off how the rack grew. This is in an urban zone I'm hunting. I have not seen this deer while hunting and Saturday night was the first pics I've got of him. Thought I had pretty much seen all the bucks I would see in it, usually see the same handful over and over. He recently moved in, not sure from how far with a leg like that.

I watched this guy ooze puss from one fall to the next using trailcams. He gave me a shot come shotgun season and I put him down. Didn't feel good about eating him, called the DNR and they came and picked him up. Definitely tough critters.
From the photo vault.

There's one here that either has a deformed jaw or a broken jaw. He was a spike/fork last year and grew no antlers this year. I couldn't believe he lived through the winter. He did eat from where we dump our grain cleanings and spoiled grain a lot. Probably only reason he has survived this long.
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These pictures are crazy. If I kill a buck I usually pat him and say sorry fella I bet you had a lot of good times running around down here. Now I just feel like we're putting them out of their misery and doing them a favor.
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