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Need help identifying this creature.

Wapsi Tree Rat

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So, my son woke me up about 3:45 this morning. Said this had been going on about 20 minutes. What you hear in the video is the tail end. During the peak there were more "barks" between the high pitch wails. I've lived here 13 years and never heard such a awful sound. I'd describe it as a mix between a rooster, coyote, and a dying hyena. I'm not too tech savy at that hour in the morning so couldn't figure how to upload a video. Here's a link to it.

Agree with the challenge bark, just not sure it's a coyote. There's a red fox that walks up & down the shore at our MN cabin making a very similar sound when I'm there with my dog. Eerie!!!
sorry the link didn't work for ya 203....

Thanks guys.
Yeah I'm thinking it has to be a yote, but it just sounded off. Heard many of them around here over the years and never heard anything sound like that. Yes, it'll stand the hair on your neck straight up!
We do have a male Rottweiler but he's inside 90% of the time and inside every night all night, so no square off there. He looks mean but that's about it. He tried to go home with the Fed Ex lady last week. Wouldn't get out of her delivery van!
They don't care if your dog is mean or not. One is trying to get your dog to chase it so it and others can jump him. Pups are out of the den now. Parents are super aggressive. Challenge bark works good late winter or early spring when they are laying off territory or at night.
Agreed with the others. Coyote challenge bark. Pretty sweet to hear once you know what it is!
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