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New cams ???

The J/G link cuddes are VERY moody with height and angle for detection, with a very fine sweet spot. They no doubt miss pics from my experience, but the link plan for farms with many cams is hard to beat. That's what I use them for. It does seem like a lot have issues that come out right after the 2 year mark. Have sent dozens back over the years that were less than 3 years old. I will say they do not get any better than Dan Schultz when it comes to customer service and communication though.

Will be interesting to see how their new link and standalone options run. Will be hard to take any market share in the standalone category. Those reveals are tough to beat on their own!
I put 5 of the new L cams out today on my home farm - 3 with new bigger Solar Panels and 2 without - will be interesting to compare pictures, battery life, signal levels, battery life, etc. Anyone want to buy a set of used G Cams and cellular home unit?
How far apart do you feel comfortable spacing your remote cams?
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