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New site look / functionality


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Maybe it is just me on mobile device but forum / thread navigation is horrible. No easy way to go from bottom of thread back to forum. Either need to scroll to top and click the link hiding in the pic or use the menu to start over? Maybe I am missing something...
Also the colors scheme is awful.
Really hate all the ads in Tapatalk but at least it has dark mode and navigation is decent.
Just a few thoughts...
I swear I could navigate from the bottom of a thread a day or two ago but not anymore.

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I rarely use tappatalk. Im usually on a desktop. I preferred the old look with the light brownish color background. I just found that easier to read. Im getting use to this though.
Hi Guys, very sorry, but this was a mis-communication on my part with my team. This new look was not supposed to be published live yet. It's not ready. We're going to revert back to the original look soon as possible, and we'll publish a new look for the site once it has been fully tested and approved. Sorry!
Not liking new yet either but,
on the bottom of the page there is an "iow v-2" button and if you press that you can choose the old version, new version, or new version dark mode. The old version still has proper site navigation.
Edit: ^ I see that it's getting worked on, ha.
As they say, sometimes s*** happens.

An update is eventually coming, so brace yourselves! Until then enjoy this cold front, and buckle up for another rut!! We at IW really try to keep things enjoyable for you all on here.

May your blood trails be full of lung butter and short.
Yes, you'll be able to keep it if you want...it's just another theme we're adding, and you'll be able to switch themes if and whenever you want.
Nothing has changed for me but I only get on IW with my mobile phone.
Just praying the update isn’t like the November 2020 disaster
Nothing has changed for me but I only get on IW with my mobile phone.
Just praying the update isn’t like the November 2020 disaster
Nov 2020, The election was stolen & our country has plummeted ever since!!!
Oh!!! You meant The website. ;) Ya, there were 2 November disasters. That will never happen again I promise!!!!! Now, if we get this next election right & legit- we got 2 major disasters rectified. Nextbuk is on the website & I have total faith in him. It’ll be right.
What other thoughts, issues, questions or suggestions any of you have for site?
I noticed didn’t fit my phone screen right so addressing that. Fire up anything you all have thoughts on….
Overall seems fine as it is to me. I rarely use it on the app, mostly from work on a desktop. I really prefer the look of it now with the tan/yellowish background. A few days ago when it updated and was all white background etc I did not like that.
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