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New to the site.. not IA deer!


Aim small miss small.
Hey all, couldnt find the member introduction tab if there is one so i figured i would introduce myself and my recent success here! I live in central Iowa, and try to manage my time between hunting deer and waterfowl, along with my wife and my son who is going to be 16 months here on the 28th (and rest of my family). Then of course work... the 4 letter word at times lol!

Well if you wish to know more, dont be afraid to ask.

On monday morning i got off work at 7am, went home and caught a few hours nap, showered up and headed out for an evening hunt. I got to the stand around 3:30 figureing that i had nothing else better to do than to watch the squirrels and birds before the deer began moving. As time passed and only a few does and a small buck to show for my time this far, 6:00 rolled around and turned to 6:30... then FINALLY!!! i caught a glimpse of a deer on the hillside!!! not just any deer... a big bodied deer! with a good set of antlers on him. Knowing the path the deer take on this property, i knew i was in luck this time! As i watched this buck and hoped for him to make the right move, it was almost like he was reading my mind. Stopping every 10 yards as he made his way down the hill, and continuing to move as i hoped and planned for. He stopped at 45 yards, when i got a real good look at his rack, noticing that he had a goofy right side, but still a GREAT buck to take, my decision was made. 15 seconds felt like an eternity as he stood there, and i told myself:

"Im not going to shoot this one at 45... ill get him to 30 for sure wheather he goes north or south to the creek."

He began walking down the beaten trail leading north, as i observed his rack even more! Now i knew i wanted this buck in my pickup, and above the mantle!!! He krept to 35, as i drew and waited for him to get to 30 so i could stop him, he stopped right where i had anticipated! I touched off my release and watched my arrow sink deep into his body, and a heavy gush of blood from my Rage broadhead!!!

i then got on the phone to call my brother and a few buddies to come help me track him.. all who are avid bow hunters as well. Barley able to keep my nerves calm, i couldnt decide if i needed to sit or stand! So i got to the ground and hung out at the base of my tree. When my "crew" got there, they kept askin "how big?! how big!?", and i just replied, "hes a good buck, hes a cool buck, hes goin on the wall". As we followed the blood trail and it crossed the creek, we had my brother and his friend go up a head and cross at an easier location, to help us pick up the trail on the other side.... WELL it turned out that they almost tripped on this buck as they went to cross the creek!!! He ran no farther than 100 yards!



he has short G1's, and 2 kickers on his right side. with only a 6 good length measure ments and a ton of mass, he unofficially grossed 145" and had 38" of circumference measurements.

not the largest buck in the woods, but he will make a great addition to the wall:D
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Welcome to the site! I don't think I've ever seen a buck grow an antler upside down before. Kinda cool!
Is it just me or does that buck have two left sides lol. those would have been some tough sheds to match up!
Nice buck...welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site.. Great buck.. Didn't they pattern our "Deer Crossing" signs after that buck? Nice Shot too..
Welcome to the site congrats on Unique buck I agree with Buck fever looks like the right antler is backwards very unique and cool looking
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