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New yard question for grass?

Dont know if this is the correct forum to post but here I go.Putting the finishing touches on my landscape on my house Lador Day week.What kind of grass to plant to start my new yard,since I'm not familiar with the soil in southeast Iowa?What you guys suggest?
SE Iowa you say...let's see...well, whatever you plant better be drought resistant. :) (Note - I live near Iowa City, but have a farm in truly SE Iowa.)

For real though...you probably do want to think about drought resistant varieties. Consider Buffalograss, it is easy to maintain and drought resistant. Good luck.
I planted a few types…. For “regular grasses” Kentucky blue grass will probably fair a bit better than ryegrass. Creeping or red fescue probably better than both but I like Kentucky blue grass. But Daver is right on things that are tolerant of hot & dry.
I redid a few areas of my lawn a few years ago and at the recommendation of a friend who is a golf course grounds superintendent i planted turf-type tall fescue.
What i did notice was that at the driest time of the year those areas were the greenest by far
Turf type fescue will look the best in dry years. Buy a blend that has some rtf(rysomitis tall fescue) in it if you can. It grows more like bluegrass so will fill in weak spots. I have a baseball field at work that had a little rtf in the bluegrass sod. It looks like you could burn it off in a drought except for the rtf, they stay green no matter what.

If you want a traditional bluegrass lawn get the supreme blend from agriland fs. It’s some nice grass that doesn’t need a ton of fertilizer to keep it growing.

Yeah I’m a grass nerd, I manage a 120 acre sports complex for a living.
Did you wind up replanting your yard this fall with the seed you were recommended?

If so curious if you had any opinions in that particular seed?
I used ignition lawn mixture from DK Turf as it was local and highly recommended. https://dkturf.com/

My lawn is looking really really good. I would have just planted a foodplot to the backdoor, but the wife wasn't on board ;)
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