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Hi everyone, I have enjoyed reading everyones post and I am looking foward to my first bow season come Sunday.

Good luck to the rest of you...be anxious to hear everyones results.

I saw your posting about your first year out with a bow. Best of luck to you! It'll be an experience you'll never forget!
All whitetails are trophies! Here is Chipguy with his Iowa Buck, CONGRATS!

Congrats Chipguy

A moment in time you will always treasure. How about some details about the hunt that day....always nice to hear first bow harvest stories.

Hi everyone it seems that I have already told everyone in the state, but I would be happy to repeat it all again. I am proud of him, because he fell for me and came to my grunt call twice, he was off to my right about 75 yards and caught glimpse of him, didn't know if was a buck or doe, gave 2 short grunts and he turned and came back to me and walked beside me about 20 yards and I was able at that time to see that he was a buck with no place for me to pull back on him. I just let him keep walking and he got about 50 yards straight out from me and I used 2 short grunts again and had my bow in my hand this time, and he came right back to me slightly to my left which was better anyway. I waited until he got behind several tall trees about 35 yards in front of me and pulled back and he was broadside at 18-20 yards and I let the arrow fly. I placed it slightly high but had almost complete pass through just got caught with the nock and fell out about 10 yards away. He never even knew that I was there and just kind of trotted off about 30 yards and I gave a grunt to stop him and he went another 10 yards and piled up and that was it at 7:00 A.M. and heard his antler finally fall and hit a tree laying on the ground at 7:06 A.M. I sat in that tree until my buddy came and got me at 9:15. That had to be the longest wait I have endured since my kids where born, and had to watch a 10 point buck that was bigger than this 8 walk around about 20 yards from me with a perfect broadside shot,DOOOOHHHHHHHH pulled another Homer Simpson. I had 3 does walk by me after I had hit this guy and everyone of them including the buck walked over to the buck that I had shot, and the buck even made a scrape 15 yards from the downed buck.

later guys
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