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Nice SD Buck



A reader from South Dakota sent this pic in of a nice 5 x 5 South Dakota buck. Our surrounding states have great bucks also and it's fun to look at the pics.


Just think he would be a 10 pointer if he was from Iowa

Great buck! I love to hunt a whole season, but I'm afraid I'd have to shoot that one on opening day if given the chance. Thanks for the picture!

PS. Was that picture taken from a plane or a real high treestand??
We believe he was up on the bank of a dry river bed looking down. Yes he would be a shooter in our book too.

George has taken some great video this summer.One of our favorites is in the Video section of the site, we just posted them, click on the bucks silhoutted...very nice video clip.


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Hey guys,
Thought I would give you a little background on this deer. Take a close look at his tail and you can see that it is only 4 inches or so in length. We hunt on 20,000 acres of private land and just the past few years, have started managing the deer herd. We were wishing there was a way to tag or mark the deer so that we could see the results of our efforts. Just so happens, I was able to identify this deer as being the one I videoed several times last year coming into my decoy. SD buck continued is a picture of him standing behind the decoy. Last year he was about 12 inches wide and had 4 points on each side and was believed to be 2 1/2 yrs old. This year, he has 5 points on each side and is 19-20 inches wide. The pictures this year were taken at 180-200 yds out because I didn't want to infringe on his domain. Last years picture of him will be posted below. Quite a difference as you all might agree. Can't wait to decoy him in again this year to get a closer look!
Notice how quilled out this deer is, they get extremely PO'd when I roll the decoy ears downward to resemble an agressive stance. Some of them even toss it in the air, scrape the ground in front of it like a bull or just thrash every tree around the decoy up. This was around the second week of bow season last year!
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