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NM OTC Barbary Sheep


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I'm going down to New Mexico and Arizona to bum around and shed hunt/hunt for a month. Anybody want to ride down with me and hunt Barbary in New Mexico OTC? Planning to leave February 1st or 2nd depending on if I get my tower blinds down in time. It's a 15-16 hour drive from Omaha or Southwest Iowa where you can meet me.

I have an idea where the sheep are. It's in the 60's down there daily right now. I'm camping and sleeping right on top of the sheep. No negativity, it's hunting we might or might not even find the sheep in a week, I've never hunted it and only been in the area twice driving through. You HAVE to be able to HELP PACK your own animal. I'm not a pack mule we share that responsibility collectively for either (or both) animals. If you can't pack 60-80lbs of meat on your back up 200-800' elevation gains/losses over a short period or are SCARED OF HEIGHTS this hunt isn't for you. If you're not comfortable walking a 15'-20' wide area where one side is a sheer cliff face drop off to your inevitable death and the other side is a wall this isn't for you. Shots are around 300-600 yards. Odds are we aren't going to get within 200 yards of these sheep for a shot, they're on the side of a cliff.

You can fly or drive back, if you fly I can get you a ride back to your vehicle in Omaha or SWI too. If we're successful you can just fly back with the hide, meat, etc. I can bring an extra cooler for you to use when you fly back then switch over to your truck. I'm just asking you to bring some of my meat back with you and help with gas on the drive down/around and if we end up getting a hotel for a night to split the cost. $360 tag + $65 game license + $14 stamps, don't have to buy the license until we find the sheep then we can go back to town and buy the license if we find them. I'm just gonna buy mine right off the bat since I have time to hunt.

I'm planning to dink around White Sands, hike around shed hunting in a spot, and visit the Florida Mountains for a couple days and glass up some Ibex if you wanna stick around for that.
Wish I was 20 years younger.

Take that as a wake up call you younger guys. You need to make things like this happen while you can.

I wish you luck and hope you find an awesome partner for this hunt. Looking forward to reading about it.

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I'd have given this one serious consideration if there were more lead time. Too short of notice my man. Best of luck to ya.
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