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Non-Resident Deer Tag lottery results

Since we are on the subject, I have non resident friend that hunts gun 1 with me, buys a doe tag. If he gets drawn for archery does that mean he cannot buy a doe tag and hunt gun 1?
You're correct. If your friend draws an archery tag he is done. Cannot hunt gun 1. $600 gets him one season of his choice. HIs archery doe tag does not transfer seasons.
Successful in zone 5 with 3 points.
Full plate for me this year: AZ archery elk unit 1, Wyoming pronghorn archery/rifle unit 108, Iowa archery deer unit 5, Illinois archery deer JECP, Illinois firearm deer JEPC.
I was unsuccessful for Zone 4. I applied with 3 points. Looks like I'm waiting another year.
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