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Norway spruce tree planting issues

Ive been planting these norways in the same spot of property and alot of them keep looking like this. Are they nutrient starved? Why are they looking bare up the trunk and lighter green?
I am only guessing too...but I would agree. ^^ FWIW, corn will yellow when it gets too much rain and then the N essentially filters down through the soil and out of reach of the roots. Your yellowing trees remind me of that. Can you add some fertilizer??
I'm not an expert on trees so I'm not familiar with fertilizing them. I've been told not to fertilize for the first couple years of a trees life but you would think a little foliar spray wouldn't hurt. I know I've been told cedars do way better by a couple experts I know but I like to know the why so I can too be a tree expert someday lol.
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