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not a resident, but needs info



i am from Louisiana and i am going up to Lockridge, Iowa. it is in Jefferson county. i am going October 27-- November 3. the farmland i will be hunting is already being harvested. how and where should i hunt? how big a deer am i looking at here? i don't know much about hunting farmland since all i hunt here are swamps. please give me some tips. it will be very much appreciated!!
That part of Iowa should be close to a river
valley. If you have farm ground there is probaly timber areas around the crops and maybe crp land.
Will be a little early for the rut,Nov.10???
I quess i would hunt like in swamp just no water. Look for those natural funnels, fence
lines,terraces etc. maybe a water source if
it stays dry.
The deer should be big, Iowa corn fed 200lbs
range.Bucks will depend on hunter management
I'm sure the food and habitat are there.
You must be coming up to do some bird hunting with them dates. Should be good bird
hunting with crops out early.
If you not bird hunting or if you are and limit out.It's a good time to climb a tree
every creek ditch,waterway,fenceline will
get walked for pheasants and get a lot of deer moving. Pheasant season close's at 4:30
and still time to climb a tree!

Good Luck
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