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November movement

Filled my last archery tag of the year on a nice doe this morning. Moved a stand for muzz season then went squirrel hunting. I'm sitting against a tree and my #1 just walked within 20 yards of me checking scrapes at 12:30. I videoed him with my phone for 5 minutes! They are looking for the last few does. Come on late muzz!
Was buried in does last night. Finally got some meat for the freezer. Here's to praying for that buck to walk by before season 1 ends. Then patiently waiting for late muzzleloader. I've never had a food source near before and the public i was on gets hammered gun 2
I've been out about 20 times since mid October. Tonight was the first time I actually saw bucks bigger than a spike. Had a low130's 8pt chasing does about 100 yards out in a field in front of my stand around 3:30. At 4:30 two bucks were fighting in the middle of a group of about 10 deer behind my stand. Again about 100 yards out. I saw roughly 20 deer total. The only deer that came in range was a spike but I'm still thrilled that I finally got to see some racks. That stand is in an alfalfa field and might be my honey hole for late muzzy.
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