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The one thing most of us on here are missing is that states like MO and MN are after is not the biggest bucks but GREAT opportunity! IA can sell big deer to NR while MO sells rifle opportunity in the rut. Most of us on this thread are after our biggest buck ever. We are the minority and I'd guess if you ask the hunters in MO that are more than happy with the opportunity to shoot a rutting 2 year old with a rifle in MO I bet they like the current regs. Long story short, surrounding states aren't going to change management to help Iowa out. Missouri already generates more revenue from NR rifle hunters than Iowa does with ALL our NR tags.
Albeit I'd love it if they did since I buy NR in MO every year.
Let’s boil down the opportunity between iowa & MO....

MO - Opportunity to rifle down 2 year olds. This can be done with “relative consistency”. Agree.
If u want OPPORTUNITY to rifle down a 4-5 year with relative consistency- NO WAY!!!!!!
Yep- u can use rifles & lots of folks love it. Bucks chasing does like lunatics & ability to take 400+ yard shots while doing it. But yep- if u want AGE on a deer - not gonna happen. MO has about 5x the amount of habitat IA does as well!

IA- if you want to gun down 2 year olds- JUST LIKE MO- YOU CAN!!!!!! (Residents & when NR draw). BUT..... if u are one of the whackos that wants to shoot a 4-5 year buck- IA is where u have a chance with “relative consistency”. That’s the difference right there. So- which state offers more “opportunity” for a variety of hunters???? For age of bucks - Iowa. For weapons choices- iowa is slightly hindered to about 5 weapons (bow, short wall rifle, ML, crossbow late season, pistol & shotgun). Yep- tags for NR are not handed out like MO (& IA doesn’t have habitat & #’s like MO). But- “opportunity” for quality hunt for any level of hunter desire exists in Iowa where it does not in MO.

It’s interesting to see most my neighbors I’ve ever had- in Iowa- 90% pass 2 year olds. I’ve got a few neighbors that pass 2-4 year olds when in Iowa. Then, the same folks go across border (just so they can get more tags) & will shoot 2-3 year olds they NEVER would shoot in iowa. Why?? “If I don’t shoot those- they never live anyways!” See it all the time.

Last thing- to above. I am just gonna say this “how I see it”. I agree with above. 95% of folks can spend $800 every 4 years (or whatever it is, about $200/year) if it was a priority. Does paying that suck? Sure. Is it doable - for sure!!! In college, I put myself through school. I had mediocre paying internships & waited tables. As a broke college kid, i saved enough to hunt KS, IL & IA when I drew. Somehow paid for gas & cheap motel. Did that all 4 years of college. No help- no high paying job- just worked extra cause it was a priority FOR ME. Not saying others should be of the same mindset but it’s absolutely an expense MOST of us can handle if it’s a priority.
One thing that Iowa has done that is interesting and effective. Many NR move to Iowa to establish residency for the big bucks!! Not sure the numbers, but it’s numerous. Skip might know more on this??

Great for the state, more taxpayers, could be a bit detrimental as many of those NR (Winke, Drury, Lindsey for example) buy up a lot of land!

Overall it is a plus for the state.
Good discussion.

On the whole IA/MO thing.... i'll add this. If Missouri changed their regulations to mimic Iowa, I would be looking at farms in Missouri TOMORROW. Within a few years they would leave Iowa in the rear view mirror. The habitat down there is phenomenal and way more of it. Very picturesque too.

The whole tag price thing that Skip talked about applies to nearly ANYTHING. If it is a priority, almost always doable. Tags, buying a house, Land, going on a dream vacation, WHATEVER you want..... you can almost always make it happen. It simply comes down to decision making, priorities, and discipline. It's not for everyone and if other things are a priority, then by all means do that.
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Ishi, let me know where you hunt!? :) I guess after your deer last year I am a believer. The expectation I hear is that there are 170s behind every tree. Well, I have are my Iowa tag for three years in a row now for a 160 gross. I've harvested 150+ in MO 3 of the last 4 years. Iowa is likely the best which is why I am here but expectations and reality do not line up especially for someone wanting to hunt one week hard a year like most people from a long ways away plan on.
lol every dog gets lucky once in a while on finding a bone:D
As far as my comment on two 150s behind every tree it kinda snaps them back to reality that its not as easy as it many times appears
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To the above post it’s normally about 6/15-6/20 but online only. As to the difference between Iowa and Missouri,the major hold up is the culture doesn’t promote obeying the game laws in Missouri and the crazy liberal limits for nonresidents would make it impossible to compare with Iowa. I have owned 2 farms there and gave up much easier in Iowa.
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