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Owl Encounter


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there's not many things I haven't seen in the woods but I just had a first. an owl tried to attack me! I've heard of that happening but never had it happen to me. he had swooped down at a squirrel but missed about 30 yards in front of me. so he's perched on a log looking around and when I move my head a little he spots me. no big deal, I figure he'll spook but hope he stays because they are cool to watch. he looks around for a while but the second time I turn my head, he flies right at me...like dead straight at my head. I'm in a ground blind so I thought he was just getting closer to check out what I was but I quickly found out he had every intention of coming in the blind to eat whatever he thought I was. I put my hand up at the last second and he put the brakes on and hit the edge of my "window" with his feet. Even then he didn't freak out and just landed a few feet from the blind. I tried to take a picture but he left before I get a snap shot of the bully.

if I don't get my hand up, he's for sure coming in the blind to eat whatever he thinks is in here. as hilarious of a shit show that would have been...there wouldn't have even been anyone to see it.
I love owls! I stopped in the dark this morning just to listen to a great horned owl for a while. They can be crazy though. I have a video of one taking a shot at a deer.
My brother was attacked repeatedly while walking out from his stand in the dark. I think they just wanted to chase him off since no blood was drawn.
I had a red tailed hawk do that to me one year sitting on the ground turkey hunting. Saw my hands move when calling and nearly nailed me. I saw him at about 20 yards and waved him off. It was nuts.
My brother and I were out trying some coyote hunting one full moon, fresh snow night and he wore one of those mad bomber hats.

Didn't see the owl until it almost took the hat off of him. That had never crossed our minds.
I was sitting in my stand one morning early in the dark, and I thought a dog was barking fairly close to me. Then I realized it was an owl making barking noises. I read that owls will make those noises when they feel threatened or are trying to figure out who you are. That was the first time I ever heard that.
So I read this thread the other day and there’s been an owl hanging out on one of the properties I hunt. I joked to my buddy I’d make it my friend before the season was over. So this morning the owl was flying around, decided to see if I could get him to come in close so I wiggled my hand in the tree. Man they don’t miss a thing, turned on a dime and came right to the tree.

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