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Plant ID Help

I tilled broadcast, dragged, and packed soy beans mid may. Just in time for 6 weeks of no rain. That was a bust. So the last of June I planted a couple brands of rye food plot mix. It ended up being about 60 percent rye, 20 percent oats, and the rest a mix of peas, turnips and chicory.

The pictures above is what came up. The whole thing was bare dirt and I ran a drag over it once I seeded. I've had rye mixes on this plot before that did fine but they were put in late August.

Any thoughts on what the two plants I posted are? If palatable to deer I'm okay. If not it's strike two for this year already.
I just tried a plant ID app and it says radish and buckwheat. I don't remember them in the mix but must have been.

Still shocked no rye came up.
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