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Plot salvage 2


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Pics aren't the best but it's hard to give directions 2000 miles away. In regards to plot salvage, the second pic shows some weeds. The pics are of same general area in plot.

The question is, w
ill rye do fine with the weeds at this time of year.

I am looking to do 100# per acre rye and see how it goes. It looks like in first pic the brassica are popping slowly with the limited rain.
That's a good plan and based on those pics yes it'll do great and fill in those bare spots. When I spread if I get to a big bare spot I stop and keep flinging or fling in a 360 for a moment before walking again. I spread some yesterday and today it looked like grains were beginning germination already.
Bingo!!! Agree on all of above. Rye sure works wonders and it’s everyone’s last tool …. & a cheap easy tool …. To throw the last swing at it. Then…. Time to say “gave it my best. Learned ________. Change this next year. TIME TO HUNT!!!” Post up some results in a month or so if able.
Copy, thanks guys. I've struggled with this not being there and my pop is my farmhand, hes clueless so we are learning as we go. I'm hitting 6 years until retirement this week and then I'll get to play deer farmer. Rye it is
Got 200# of cereal rye into these plots this morning. Rain looks decent for the upcoming week.


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