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Plum thicket


Did some searching on here but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Has anyone planted American plums with sole purpose of them to create a thicket? Spacing recommendations?

I have a small section of cedars that I will be cutting down and was looking to plant plums in their place. The cedars are way to thick and d bottom half of the trees are all dead branches . Area is smaller than a quarter acre

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I have a few quarter acre sized american plum thickets. Here are a few pics of what they looked like at age 4. Now, a few years later, they've filled in even a lot more. I was trying to stay on row from previously planted trees, so these are 12' between rows and about 8-9' between shrubs. Even after leaf drop I think you can consider them to be cover. A doe I shot last weekend died underneath one of them.

Probably area/deer population dependent, but did you guys tube them?

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Tubes make a big difference. Did both with and without. Without tree tubes no growth to dead. With tree tubes good growth, by year 3 over 6ft tall
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