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Hi guys,
While I was out turkey hunting in the same area I harvested my buck I saw this really nice 8 point buck around a 160 class.This is a great deer but the problem was that he had an arrow sticking out of his back up by the spine in front of the hind quarter. It dont look like it had penitrated very far maybe 3 inches. The arrow was sticking straight out toward the tail. Allmost like whoever shot him took a shot while the deer was walking allmost straight away.If thats the case it was definitly a poor angle.Iv seen this deer several times now and the arrow is still in him.What I cant believe is that he hasnt pulled the arrow out yet.
When I saw him he wasnt walking like it was bothering him and earlier he was still chasing does. I think the only way this deer is going to survive is if he gets the arrow out so he dont get ganggreen and kill him.
I hate to see people take poor shots at deer,if you dont have a realist shot dont take it now there is a wounded deer running around with an arrow in him.
Well I hope he makes it!
Buck, you bring up a very good point. We must not let the quest for the trophy take the quality sportsman out of us. We have placed so much emphasis on this trophy stuff that many people are stretching the limits just to make the book or get bragging rights. I know of many 40+ yard shots with bow and arrow that have been taken at nice bucks just to get them. If you dig out the details, there are a number of femoral artery hits etc...that take them down.

Don't get me wrong, there are probably folks that are good enough to do that, but too many things can go wrong. The riskier the shot, the higher the potential for failure. Bowhunting should be a challenge, which means getting close and waiting for the best opprtunity. Even if that means passing up a low percentage shot on a B&C buck.

Even a perfect opportunity can be blown due to human error,buck fever etc.. but the odds are better in the long run.

A quality hunter is not necessarily known by what he kills.
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