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Posting pictures - basics... resizing, rotating, “how to”


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1) If pictures are from phone & they are rotated wrong when uploading - screen shot the picture & then post the screen shot. Fixes it!

2) As most know, click on bottom for attach files & u can resize on phone - Curtis had great post on this thread - please hit this link, covers resizing options https://iowawhitetail.com/threads/resize-image-app-easy.60051/
Don’t get frustrated resizing pics. Above link will make this easy. Take 5 mins & u will understand it.

3) Tapatalk can also be used to post pictures easily.

4) when I attach a picture- I personally like to hit the “insert” button that shows on photo and choose “full image” so it puts the picture right there in the thread so don’t need to click on it

issue or questions???? I’ll update this if so!
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Added few things to this thread & made it a sticky. Let me know if any issues - we can solve em in 2 seconds!
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