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Try this.

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We also set this up to work best for pictures of your biggest buck. okay, JK... thanks for testing this guys! Let me know if you run into any issues.
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So...how can we PM a picture that is on our computer?
I just sent u a pic. “Start conversation” when click on someone’s name. I attached a file the same way as here. Below “attach file” button. Work?
Hi Everyone, this is Jarrod. We've customize the uploading process so that it should be easier to get your photos onto the site! We basically took off the restriction on upload size so that you can get your files onto the site without first resizing them. Then, we've automated the resizing process so that images get resized and optimized to a more ideal size, and we trash the original so it doesn't bog down our servers or your pageload times. Hope this helps! Let me know if you notice a difference.
Nothing to do with this update which seems great but I see your from Plainwell....we use to wipe the floors with you guys in football....thanks for the throwback! Im from Three Rivers originally....ok sorry to bog down this thread, on with the pics!
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