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Prescribed burns


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How often should you burn off your ground? I burned about 2 acres off three years in a row and the stand of grass went down. I haven't burned in about three years and the grass seems to be much thicker and grows taller. I don't have a clue about type of grass but it looks like there are several different kinds.

So how often should I burn it down?

The 'Bonker
I think you need a new prescription. If it is native warm season, every 3 to 5 years depending on growth and previous burns may be the best. It makes a difference if you burn hot/cold fall/spring as well for how much trash is left and what new sprouts.
My short 2 cents: burn warm season, spray herbicide on cool season grasses. As Pharmer alluded to, when you burn can be critical. Maybe do a google image search for orchard, brome, and switch grasses to see what you have going. You might also contact your local ASCS (or whatever they call themselves these days) for a site visit to help develop a management plan.
Check out the Iowa DNR website to locate your area private lands biologist. The service is free. I've been working with mine and I am amazed at how much he has been able to help me improve the quality of my habitat.

Old Buck
Bonker et al,
After thinking about your initial question and considering some of the posts you have made lately... I was wondering about what kind of grass you might be burning. I think the DEA may be burning the same kind but they don't stand downwind.

Bonker, I was wondering about what kind of grass you might be burning. I think the DEA may be burning the same kind but they don't stand downwind.

[/ QUOTE ]

Excellent pharmer, Bonker does make one wonder at times doesn't he.
from what i've read on here recently, i'm beginning to wonder wether 'Bonker should be playing with any type of fire period
Prescribed burning is primarily a method of brush control in warm season grasses. some people burn thier road ditches which has the main effect of burning off the fence posts. As old buck says consult with a biologist or your local extension or NRCS experts. If the timing is wrong you can effect pheasant nesting.
Whooaaa Duuudes, its mixed grasses man. You know, Sesamea, Accopucco Gold, Meshmacan, Maui Wowie, Guanga and good old Iowanna and we always stand down wind.

It does remind me of a story. Several years ago I was on a scene flight over in Iowa County along I-80. A van or car or something had gone down a long embankment and out into a field. It had probably rolled or soemthing. Anyway we had to go through a waterway in the adjacent field to get to the vehicle. On the way back to the interstate I pointed out a very large patch of ditch weed to one of the Deputies. I was going to DSM a couple of days later and passed the spot where the accident had been. The area had been mowed flat.

The 'Bonker
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