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pse evo dream season 60 70 bow+alot extras


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have a pse evo dream season bow with a 5 arrow x force quiver , apache drop away rest team extream sight vibracheck stablelizer peep sight kisser button string leaches ultra nok draw can be changed hith out mods comes with skb hunter bow case 11 or so golt tip velocity with nu fletch vanes and have broadheads asking 1100 obo dont be scared to make offer
Got your message, Im not gonna be able to buy it, was just sayin it would be cool if i could have. I just got the new 2012 brute x. Im sure someone will snag it tho, thats a killer bow.
Would u be willing to sell bare bow, If so how much, I'm pro staffing for a company and need to outfit it with sponsors gear
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