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Raw bear meat for dogs


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Hey all. Ive tried looking around online, but can't find much information. Is it safe for dogs to eat raw bear meat/chew on on raw bear bones?
I've heard bear meat is highly parasitic, so you're supposed to cook it well before consuming. Not sure on what parasites, or if they affect canine, but if you do it, I'd suggest keeping a close eye on overall health and stools of your dog.
Watch the meat eater episode (i think on you tube) where he gets trichinosis. Actually a good episode and pretty educational. I was kind of funny at the end when he says if he ever gets eaten by a predator he will get the last laugh because he will give it to them because once you get it you will always carry the parasite. Once they are done making you hurt by eating through your muscles they go dormant in a shell. The shell only dissolves in the stomach of the next predator that eats you.
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