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Recent Site Updates: Social Media Account Connections and Links Added


Hey Everyone, this is Jarrod. I'm helping Skip with some site updates and wanted to let you know what we've recently done. We've added the ability to associate social media accounts with your Iowa Whitetail account. To connect Facebook, Google, or Instagram, just visit your account profile and click on "Connected Accounts".

We've also added links in the nav bar to our YouTube page and our Iowa Whitetail Gear website, so you can find those easier now.

Members will also receive an email once per week (previously was once per month) with hot topics from our forum.

Thanks for everyone's support of IowaWhitetail.com, and best of luck in the woods...should be getting pretty good out there!


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What I liked is some forums - if u have issues logging in, gives option to login with FB, Google acct, etc. Just makes access a lot easier. I’m not on that often but it is handy for stuff like logging in & most folks do have it. FYI. Good stuff ahead and Jarrod doing lots of great things. Suggestions welcome as well.
Thanks for these additions, I got a new truck and needed a new decal so I used the gear link to order a hat!!!
Make it easier TO POST PICTURES!!, yanno,like before.
...better late than never...let me know if this helps ya bud.
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