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Run of bad luck

ohio giants

so my season isn't off on a good start went to go hunt Sunday to find out my cam was missing a bolt and the guy that fixes my bow wasn't working so I took it to another shop that couldn't fix it but told me I was good to hunt with it so dumb me takes it and shoots it one time to only blow my string off and bend my cams so I got it to the bow shop today and he don't have any in stock so now I'm sitting here with a broke bow and already took this Friday off to hunt and the bad part is I just sold my other bow that I could be using so good luck to all that gets to hunt this weeken and I'll be back sometime soon lol
That sucks and I was in the spot 2 years ago when might cam bent and cut my string. Now I have an Elite. They will overnight you a bow to get you back in the game. I ended up just buying a new bow that day because I wasn't willing to not hunt during my vacation.
funny this should come up, i'm sitting in northern wis hunting sat nite, anxiously awaiting this sunday when i head to Iowa. as i sit there looking at the cam on my Z7 i notice the axle looks different, like its out from the fork in the riser about a 1/16th of an inch. i thought it didn't look right but drew it a few times and everything seemed good. it kept bugging me though so when i get home i looked up the cam on the net and discovered that i was right.. the clip that holds that axle on was gone and i was about a 1/16th of an inch form having a total blow out. needless to say i drove an hour and a half to a bow shop that was open. i called and the guy did not have any in stock but said he had a Z7 and would take his off for me.. totally saved me from having to maybe wait and order one.. Kudos to Ross sport shop in phillips, wi.. not a lot of guys would do that.
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