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Rut Action/Movement Reports

Seen a doe get breed tonight in Black hawk county. Good action from time rain quit till dark. Good figure target buck shows himself in spot I couldn't hunt because of the wind at 2:48spypoint.jpg
Pretty slow yesterday. Had two 3 yo come through lat morning and bed up together by me. Just kind of feeding through. Last night deer moved but does and fawns catching back up to each other from getting chased I assume.
Slow for me Saturday in se iowa. Buddy had his target buck on cell cam at 11 and 4. Of course he wasn't able to be hunting yesterday. The curse of the cell cam.

Huh "the curse of the cell cam"...sounds like a good movie for one of us to make.
Yesterday afternoon wad a dud for me. However from the minute I climbed up this morning there was deer in sight. 7 different bucks, 1 hot doe and 1 doe family group. Watched the hot doe get bred more times than I can count and lay back down in the CRP with the buck I'm after. They just moved south into a thicket and every once in awhile I hear him snort wheeze at another buck. If he would've stayed in the crp I probably would have made a play but now it's a waiting game
Young bucks pushing does around early this morning. Been totally dead since about 8:30 for me. Definitely not the full moon mid day movement that i was hoping for!
Watched a good looking 8 point march a girl friend across a cut corn field to middle of no where tonight. Lots of dinks out an about
Terribly slow in Missouri near Princeton… until the last 30 minutes (11-6) before sunset . Then it got active with bucks chasing does.

I would guess today should be a good day, it’s a little cooler. NE wind is not the best for me though.
4 sits and still haven't seen an antler. Yesterday was does only. Saw does driving to and from my place. But got a couple nice bucks on cam around 1-2 am. Won't be long (for me anyway).
Saw a nice 8 bumping does by me last night. Had a forky doing the same. This morning sitting in my kitchen saw a nice 8 and 6 pt dogging a doe in the field. Going to be hard couple days at work wishing I was in a tree. Might have to take a leave of absence from looking at this site and my throw my phone away so I don't have to see all the messages from buddies sitting in a tree. Just while typing this I got 5 texts.
SWMO was pretty slow with rut behavior this past weekend. Does still grouped up, and only saw a couple of spikes dogging yearlings. Tons of acorns down here as well. Camera's didn't show much either. This upcoming weekends weather looks primo...unfortunately for us, this weekend is the start of our firearms season. We are a revolving door every year of 2.5 & 3.5 year old bucks getting wacked because of this.
Lots of youngsters on the move today in SW Iowa. Been steady all morning and just had two running a doe pretty hard not long ago. Assuming most of the big boys are laid up somewhere with one.
Hunted SW Warren County all last week and was pretty much the same on both farms with bucks of all age cruising and scent checking any does in the area. Only saw one buck earlier last week chasing a doe.

Out again this evening...we don't have a lot of good east wind options on our place...but this is one of them. Food value is near zero here, but the location is purty. I consider this area of my farm to be my prettiest timber, many good white oaks up here.

If nothing else, I will enjoy looking at nature's beauty.

I am hoping to see a target buck cruising and i will then grunt, or snort wheeze, him over for a little meeting with a very sharp object. It could happen here.
So far today, 11-7, I saw 13 does in the morning with only one 2.5 year old chasing. This afternoon only saw a single 2.5 year old.
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