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Rut Action/Movement Reports

My little corner of the farm was on fire this morning. Saw eight bucks, two mature. One had himself a lady and the other was cruising.
Right past one of my other stands of course. Chasing, fighting, rubbing, and scraping, best morning I've had in a long time!
Not sure where the deer are but they are not by me. Too windy?? Lockdown?? Several guys saying same thing. Few does and young bucks but mainly early am movement.
Mid size bucks showed at last light and checked does first time they came out in light. Betting big boys show tomorrow
Tonight's sit included about 15 does/fawns, mostly feeding peacefully. There were several bucks that made an appearance and there was some chasing, but not a lot. Not enough to move the feeding does off of the field for any length of time. Mostly young bucks, probably about 8 or so total. The biggest was a 120" 8 pointer, but he didn't come close enough to get his picture taken.

Had a couple of different dudes come in close though.


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No qeer deer here. The best buck I have on camera was pushing around a group of 5 does this morning on a farm I rent right by the road. But I get to sit in a tractor all day instead of chasing him. It was pretty fun to watch. If one doe would break from the group, he would cut her off and push her right back to the group.20221112_073245.jpg
Sat all but one hour today which I took to go get something to eat real quick and warm up. Had over 20 does on a field tonight for over an hour. Finally had a 120’ish 8pt step out and bump them all around. Only buck who showed. Rest of the day was very slow and quiet. Was on stand by 545 this morning and only had a couple does and a few dinks cruisin early and were done by 7:30. Extremely exhausting day being in that cold and wind and definitely takes the wind out of the sail as far as wanting to get back up and head out again tomorrow morning.
Friday morning and evening and Saturday morning were painfully slow. Tonight picked up a bit, a few does and a couple 2 yr olds. Then driving to town after dark I had the truck window down a bit and I heard absolutely smashing of antlers . I hit the skids and grabbed the spotlight. 20yds across the fence a pair of big bodies were clearly having a disagreement.

I've seen sparring. I've seen aggression. I've seen bucks bang heads for a bit. I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen it, but tonight was the first I ever witnessed an "I'm going to kill you" fight.

They rocked each other for another 20-30 seconds until one got the advantage and drove the other back and rolled him. Once he was down it was ground and pound. The "winner" continued to drive his antlers into the head, neck, and body of the other. I know nature can be cruel but I couldn't watch any more. I laid on the horn and that was just enough distraction for the buck on the ground to escape for the moment, with the other right on his tail.

They disappeared over the hill so I've no clue how it ended. Just sayin, maybe we're starting to run low on hot does? Hope so. Tomorrow morning could be good around here.
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I had the exact same situation as Wapsi above but the fight occurred one property over in the timber. It was a big enough fight to clear out the woods of does and a handful of smaller bucks. Two 8 pointers took advantage of the situation and started pushing does around a cut corn field. Nice to see/hear deer again! This was in Mills County... hope it helps some of you in the area.
Last two days have been excellent, lots of movement late into the morning. Came to full draw but passed on a very heavy beamed 155 8 point yesterday at 9 when he chased a doe directly under the stand. Really cool buck and had he had better brows I may have had to let him have it.
This morning had a really nice 3yo ten come off the hill and into the small creek I'm sitting over. Watched him break hole in the ice for drink, come back up to field where he scraped field edge grass, then ate ear of corn. He then heads to middle of field and bows up to another 3yo old buck and they go at it. First real buck fight I've witnessed and it was pretty brutal, lasted close to five minutes!
Fun time to be in the woods, weather is perfect get out if you can!
It was crazy/insane this morning in nw mn.
Bucks out chasing hard!

I watched this buck hump a doe right in the ditch.
And I watched a buck rub this pole in the ditch right on a well traveled highway. Lol


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Sunday and Monday I saw a pile of 1.5 and 2.5 year olds chasing. Seen some of them multiple times. Does running every which direction with a spike or forkies nose up their rear. Maybe 2 8 pts that might have 3.5 other than that not one mature buck sighting Sunday and Monday all day sits. Another buddy in opposite corners of the state saw similar results. Mature deer locked up maybe or maybe they just don't cruise my place I don't know first year hunting it.
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