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Rut Action/Movement Reports

Sunday through yesterday was slow. One mature buck sighted at 10am cruising, but hiding in the thick stuff (while ignoring a few does in front of me). I think things should really get going in the next few days.
I had some decent movement saturday evening, sunday morning and tuesday morning. Monday and tuesday once it warmed up it was dead, actually Monday I didnt see a single deer. I did an all day sit monday and tuesday. My cams have not shown much activity either during daylight the past several days.
I didn't hunt Monday or Tuesday but my cameras showed good movement. two shooters and others in daylight.

But like Ishi...I got skunked this morning on a 5 hour sit. well minus the owl who tried to become a roommate in my blind. but that's a different post.
Just got back from a lunch break run and saw a nice buck walking through a wide open cornfield, couple hundred yards from the closest cover.
I’ve been out a lot in Iowa since last Friday in prime areas and I’ve only had 2 good sits out of 12 hunts. Not good really !
I’ve been out a lot in Iowa since last Friday in prime areas and I’ve only had 2 good sits out of 12 hunts. Not good really !
Not sure what it is hearing slow reports from different people warm weather doesn’t help but there’s more to it than just the weather in some area I’m sure not all areas it EHD has surely not helped in my area I’m afraid it’s going to a slow year but there’s still some deer to hunt so it could be worse but this is the worst I’ve ever seen it
Following my wife tonight and within a half mile we both just missed bucks. Right at dark.

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This morning in the timber was one of my best hunts this year. I saw 10-12 bucks with does or searching. I videoed a great fight between a real nice 10pt and a 9 pt.. The 10 pt was older and won. He immediately breed the doe right after the fight. I'll see if I can get it to load on here. This evening was slower, and the deer seemed to really start moving late.
Today wasn't as good as I thought it'd be after these several warm days ended and it got cooler. I saw a few bucks following after a doe about 9 a.m. but that was basically it this morning. This evening I saw 4 does and 1 two-year old buck from the same stand where I saw 10 bucks and 15 does one evening last week, right by a big field of standing corn. Going to sit all day tomorrow in a thick travel corridor adjacent to a bedding area.
Yesterday was a crazy morning. Chasing from dark until almost noon, but nothing over 120 inches. Watched a 1.5 year old basket rack breed a big doe in front of me. I was kinda shocked that she let him.

My son said he must have had rizz. I didn'task
Crazy couple of days. Tonight 6 bucks were all chasing the same poor doe. Biggest one was maybe 120 inches.

Heard a crazy battle in the distance. Sounded like two baseball bats hitting. I wish I would have been close enough to see it.
Evidently a quiet day in the woods with no updates here. Several bucks cruising including 3,4+ yo. Several does and fawns still together.
I sat deep in some big timber this morning and had pretty good movement - one pretty nice buck at first light but not enough light to really see what he was. I saw a couple 1.5 and 2.5 year olds out cruising and then around 10:30am a nice 3.5 year old cruised by.

Tonight I hunted a different area, super thick and couldn't see very far, and only got a glimpse of one deer. My cameras haven't had much for mature bucks the last few days.
"HERE" Lockdown has begun. Driving truck and around home, I'm seeing a lot of 3.5-4.5 or older bucks locked with Does out in fence lines, on road sides, big open ag fields. Places where the majority of deer are not. Trying to get away from pestering little bucks.

Had a good hunt yesterday morning, Seen 10-12 different bucks. Most of the cruising I'm seeing is by young deer. The mature ones are locked with Does.
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