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Rut timing/warm weather hunts.

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Ok guys this is my second yr bowhunting my farm in Southern iowa. Heres some observations and thoughts. Again this yr oct 24-31 my cams are full of big bucks with lots of daylight activity!! (Unfortunately i couldnt really hunt till Halloween weekend) and i took my week of vacation nov 6 thru 14th expecting awsome things !! I have been pulling cards from cameras this week . Well.. sadly disappointed again !! Second yr in a row! . Movement buy mature deer has drasticly decreased..my thoughts are that time frame (end of oct). had a nice cold spell ! And i need to check the moon phase at that time but im a huge believer of a rising moon in the evenings for great evening hunts ?? With that said finally tonight the 11th i saw 2 mature deer back on there feet. And yup rising moon coming up!! I for one am going to reevaluate that nov 2 to nov 8 time frame unless a nice cold front moves in. Just dont feel its "close enough" to inspire mature deer on there feet if conditions are not perfect. And not waste vac till the big guys cant resist anymore!! Like nov 10 on ! Love to here everyones thoughts???

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Best days on my farm in northern IL were 10/15-10/31, based on cams. 11/1-11/10 were very slow, based on many hunts and cams. I'll add that all the local harvest wrapped up except for a very long, drawn out 120 acre corn field across the timber a ways. I wonder if that's what's going on. A great old taxidermist we know used to say the best 10 days were the 1st 10 days of Nov. I always disagreed and said it was the 2nd 10 days. I'm running out of enthusiasm and hate burning out our farm the week leading up to gun opener.
Without question late October through the first 5-6 days of November have been the best the last 5 years in extreme North MO (I'm a Driver 9 iron from Iowa). People point to warm weather this year, which of course sucks, but last year was in the 70's the first 5-6 days in November and mature bucks were moving. The Drury's predicted a slow rut due to the dark of the moon hitting the first week and November so maybe that's it. For sure it was something. November 1 has been a great day the last few years.
I actually prefer the 7th-20th of November any year. Most the hardcore guys I know who usually tag out, have not, so that tells me everyone is experiencing a similar situation. Weather and winds have been poor for movement and hunting. I'd bet money that the bucks start hitting dirt this wknd through next week.
Weather looks good for this weekend. I looked back at last year and my first tempting buck was Nov 18, which I passed him. Filled my tag Nov. 21. A couple of my best bucks have come late in November, so I haven't lost hope. I haven't been crazy about stand time this fall, so I'm no where near burnout. Contemplating taking the week of Thanksgiving off.
After 35 yrs of bowhunting wi i need to get out of the wi season schedule mindset meaning we had to be done bowhunting buy 2nd week of November because the gun season started! Having and extra 2 plus weeks with being able to bowhunting the "backside" of peak breeding is something "new" for myself im hearing lots of good reports for the nov 19 -23 time frame !

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If older bucks can survive our gun season, the time around Thanksgiving can be dynamite.
Thing is, those bucks (and does) are so on edge that everything has to be perfect for a shot.
I've sat MANYtimes late season on trails in deep snow where there may be 20+ deer coming but a doe will break off and come downwind for no reason and eff it up.
Had a fawn do that once and costs me a true giant.
I get the vast majority of mature bucks on cams during daylight nov1_5.
We don't have many 5/7 year old bucks here and once the "rut" hits, they don't need to go searching for does. I think the does go looking for THEM!
Just my opinion.
Cuz he's established his dominance with all the local bucks a month ago.
If you and I were at a bar with new dates Whooping it up and Brad Pitt walked in....
Kinda the same.lol
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