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I saw two bucks last night right at dark that were with the does. They came out into the field to feed with a small group of does. No chasing that I saw but they were with them. One big one & one little 6 point. I'd say the chasing will start any time now.
Hunting saturday morning (10/28) and had two bucks come in and work a scrape. I was hunting on a doe tag so I shot them with a camera. They had a little stand off trying to show who was more dominant. They had their hair all stood up. A friend was in another stand of mine and had a buck come in and work a scrape before daylight but it was too dark to see the rack.

Lots of small bucks chasing does both last night and this morning. Going out to video tape a friend tonight maybe one of the big guys will get sick of letting the little ones have all the fun.
Hunted last night. Saw 4 deer. Two does, each with a buck hot on it's tail. Don't know when the official start of the rut will be but the boys are sure ready!!


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Definitely looking like November...saw 1 nice big buck chasing a doe hard this morning. I also caught two bucks fighting aggressively out in the wide open, the one buck was very nice and I did get several 35mm photo's of him, will post when I get back from developer.


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Spent the weekend video taping a friend's hunt since my buck tag is already filled. We saw several two and half year old 8 pointer but not quite what he's looking for. Lots of bucks chasing does.

Saturday night we had a buck chase a doe by us and then he made a little whoopee in the brush about 50 yards behind us. I was completely turned around in the stand stitting facing the tree while I tried to get it on video. My friend was yelling at me to hurry up before he finished his work. Didn't quite get the camera on them in time. Afterwards I couldn't stop laughing. We looked like a couple idiots up in the tree trying to watch them.

Took a decoy out with us tonight. While I hung the second stand my friend setup the decoy. He didn't get halfway up the tree before a small buck showed up and tried to kick some sand in the decoys face.

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Saw the biggest buck of the year today, I did get a couple of photo's of him, will share later.Anyway he had a doe cornered and was coming my way...a truck on the road must have saw him and spooked him to run back to the creek.

It's gett'n good now!

Well I had to come home early for a birthday party. Saturday morning I saw a nice 8 pointer,then a little 6 pointer, then a yearling, then a small 8 pointer, then a small 6 pointer. I would say in my neck of the woods(Davis County) ther is alot of small bucks looking. At dark last night I saw two does across the road in a hay field. Then I saw two more along the side of the road on the way home. If the does have not come in yet down there they got to be as close as it gets. Also the yearling was always with her mother before so maybe mom is out with a big boy.
I was checking out an area in Polk County last week and saw a big buck already with a doe.
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